I've being asked many times - "How do you rip tunes ?". To be honest it would take aeons to go through everything. Remember I started hacking tunes on the Commodore 64 in 1985!, then I progressed on to the ST music ripping scene in 1988-9! In that time I've hacked literally hundreds and hundreds of tunes -15 years of ripping experience condensed into a few paragraphs of text - I don't think so!!. There's also the fact that we are living in the 21st century and to be honest there's no new music formats being released on the ST. Nowadays all you need is your trusty MonST and a quick text search for "TSSS" and "TSST" and hey presto there's a Sid Sound Designer tune ripped and sitting on your hard drive.

But what I have done is collect together all the hacking tools I've possessed and made them downloadable here. I must stress that I've never used a multipurpose zak ripper. I did ALL my rips manually!!

Hope they are of some use.

Grazey in 2000


Adrenaline Ripper v1.08

Probably the most comprehensive music ripper which recognises the most formats (over 30). Excellent GFX ripper and the ability to un-compress many packed files. Excellent!

Note: File is a self-extracting archive so copy to a blank disk.


Marvellous program written by Andy the Arfling / BBC / Automation. Hacks , packs and links many Rob Northen copy protected games in one easy process.



Proggy written by Dack and The Law o remove Rob Northen protection.


Copy Rob

Some more juicy hacking tit bits for you. This time by Absu aka Mighty Clog aka Zippy aka Milky Bar Kid of Cynix / T.M.B. and Hank / Diskmap Crew.


Crack Rob

Fore runner to Andyload. Just some example source code by that pesky Alien / PP describing how to remove Rob Northen protections.


Demo Breaker

As far as I know the first ever multi demo 'breaker' coded by Epsilon in 1989. Cracks the Phalanx, Union, BIG, Amiga, CST and Omega demos.


Demo Breaker V2

Even more demos hacked to smithereens.

Mega Ripper v1.0

One of the first decent software rippers written by Kelvin & Kasar / Fuzion in 1991. Allows searching of the most common sound chip formats (Mad Max, Count Zero). GFX ripper too.


Positivity Professional Mega Ripper

Much improved version of Kasar's Mega Ripper. MSA file as it needs to run from a boot disk.


Probe ST v2.1

Commercial ripper. Includes chip music ripper, sample ripper, GFX ripper and disk / memory editor. One of the 'newest' rippers , written in 1993.


Cameo Cracker This little program by Supernova / Cynix unpacks files encryted with Cooper v.05 which was written by Cameo / Replicants.
Pack Ice 2.11 By Axe (then of Delight/Automation). A bug fixed/optimised version of Automation 2.3r.
Pack Ice 2.34 By Axe/Delight - see above
Pack Ice 2.40 By Axe/Superior. Final version released for ST News.
Atomik 3.3 By Altair / VCS. Decent speed and compression ratio.
PFX 1.6D Program Packer By Markus Fritz. Packs only executables.