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Okay here are some links to our favourite web sites..................


Local Web Sites
- Critically acclaimed funk music by
  Fila Brazilia, Baby Mammoth and more.
  Try it!!
- East Yorkshire's other demo crew. Al's Site


Music Web Sites
- Latest music news
- Go for a ski, Stripper Vicar ?


Web Sites
Flix's ST Demo History - Readme.prg  to Flipo
- The most popular ST emulation site
- Mug UK's link files classic games, yes he
  really does.....

Brume's Demo Site brume.gif (456 bytes)


- Lots of downloads



- Again lots of classics to leech from HMD

- Huge collection of ST songs now PC


D-Bug WWW - The crew made from the remnants of


Web Sites
High Voltage SID Collection - The biggest SID collection on the Net!
Blue Nine Mods - MOD conversion of some of the C64's finest!
CCS64 - PC C64 Emulator page
Triangle - One of the C64 scene founders


Amiga Web Sites
- Aminet - THE Amiga resource, awesome
- Weird zak formats, TFMX etc!