Psycho Hack 2024


When: April 5th 11:00 - April 7th 13:00

Where: Kingston Upon Hull, United Kingdom

What: "Psycho Hack" is a UK demo / coding party. Mainly Atari ST orientated although Commodore 64's & Amiga's will be present (possibly gathering dust or keeping out feet warm). With the exception of the uber secretive "Tat Hack" there's not been an Atari party in the UK since 1992 (Great British International ST Coding Party). Strangely that was also held in the majestic county of Yorkshire.

Psycho-Hack will be an intimate friendly affair with no pressure for productions, although any releases will be gratefully received! The party will be more of a chill and catch up where we talk geeky coding techniques, drink the odd pint and have a blast at Gridrunner. Accommodation is limited as the party is taking place at the PHF HQ. However, the city-centre is only 2km away with hotels aplenty. Of course for UK attendees you can also just come for a day if you want.


Current planned attendees :

Grazey / Showaddywaddy  - Psycho Hacking Force / D-Bug
Calsoft - Psycho Hacking Force
gwEm - Psycho Hacking Force
Gaz - Coder of Moving Target (Spectrum/Amstrad) / TAG
GGN - KÜA / D-Bug
Tat - Avena
Damo - Reservoir Gods
Tom - SMFX / Effect
Tronic - Effect / Elite
LFEE - Quex Developments
Jon Gibbins
Tony Warriner - Revolution Software / TAG / Artic