Early Sample Demos

The P.H.F. like so many crews (TLB,TCB to name two) first forey into demo coding was the obligatory sample demo..ugggh ..booo...hisss. Well we made two demos, the first was your bogg standard NEO & SPL combo saluting the herorics of the R.A.F. Air Sea Rescue crews.

The second "The Sanxion Demo" (a tribute to Stavros Fasoulas) was slightly more complexed with some rasters and a sample sequencer.



Rescue- 678k

The PHF's first ST demo.

Sanxion Demo- 617k

The PHF's second ST demo. Features Cal's sinus rasters and Grazey's sample sequencer.


Ultimate Muzak Demos

All Demos are PACIFIST Compatible see 'read me' doc in each zip file.
Unfortunately most music players crash the poor old Falcon.

Ultimate Muzak Demo volume 1- 700k

- 357 tunes, 1.6mb of music data.

First demo ever to contain all the B.I.G. demo musics.


Ultimate Muzak Demo volume 2 - 797k

- 587 tunes, 2.7mb of music data.

Includes 'sync-scroll' main menu and many tunes which have never been ripped before.


Ultimate Muzak Demo volume 3 A - 769k

- 14 tunes, 1.8mb of music data.

Slight departure from the normal chip demos. Features Jochen Hippel's fantastic Great Giana Sisters digi zak.


UMD32_Bs.gif (2667 bytes)


Ultimate Muzak Demo volume 3 B - (1,374k)

- 43 tunes & approx 232 sound effects
- 3.9mb of music data
Dedicated to Blaizer/TSL, excellent Amiga muso.

UMD32_As.gif (4289 bytes)

Ultimate Muzak Demo volume 4 - 794k

- 348 tunes, 3.3mb of music data

Similar to UMD 2 (50 Jess tunes).

Ultimate Muzak Demo volume 5 - 749k

- 72 tunes, 1.7mb of music data

Mixture of new chip tunes plus Jochen Hippel's TFMX digi tunes "Lethal Xcess", "Amberstar", "Jim Power".

Total : - 7 disqs containing 1421 tunes and 15mb of music data.