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PHF logo by Grazey

C64 / Atari ST / Amiga coders

Est. 1983

PHF logo by Grazey


Key to who ripped the musics

ANM = MC & Joker Of Animal Mine
ANT  = Antares Of F.C.I.
ATA  = Andy The Arfling Of B.B.C. Of Corporation, Ex Automation
FOF  = Wanderer Or Jinx Of Superior / Flame Of Finland
HED = Sewer Hedgehog Of Sewer Software
GRZ = Grazey Of The P.H.F.
JAC  = Jacky Of Alien Cracking Formation
MUG = Mug U.K.
MSD = Mac Sys Data Of Persistence Of Vision
OZZ = Ozzwald Of L.S.D / Automation
STY = Mr Styckx
VAP = Was (Not Was) / Vapour / Hot-Knife Of D-Bug / Automation
XER = Xerud / Supernova Of Sub Humans In Turkey / Pyrotechnics / Cynix
ZIP  = The Mighty Clog / Zippy / Absu / The Milky Bar Kid Of Cynix / Medway Boys

 Music Type Key:
	CHIP = Bogg standard Yamaha Soundchip music
	SEMI = Mixture of sound chip music with sampled fx (usually drums)
	DIGI  = Digitised music