Grazey's Zak Hacks


For historical reason all my old zaks hacks are still downloadble from here. But all my time is now involved with SNDH.ATARI.ORG so please go there to get all my new music rips!

One of the major PHF series was Grazey's music hack disqs. Contained within the 36 disqs is the biggest collection of Atari ST sound-chip / sid / digi-drum musics around. The disqs contained music from at least 186 composers! Most of the music was hacked and made PC-Relative by Grazey, but other stalwarts must also be credited!

Click here to download a full Grazey's Zak Hacks list as a ZIP file.

Note: From GZH 21 all my rips are in the SNDH format. To play them you can use :

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  JAM (
PC Deliplayer (
  WinJAM (
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Main Composers included

Zak Hacks 1 Mad Max

Zak Hacks 2

Big Alec, Tao & Ben Daglish
Zak Hacks 3 Chrispy Noodle, Frazer & Beast
Zak Hacks 4 Chris Mad, Tim Follin & David Whittaker
Zak Hacks 5 Lap, Wally Beben, Mat Furniss
Zak Hacks 6 Crawdaddy & Rob Hubbard
Zak Hacks 7 Dr Beat & Chris Huelsbeck
Zak Hacks 8 Count Zero, Allistair Brimble, Tyan & Tao
Zak Hacks 9 Big Alec, Lotus, EIA
Zak Hacks 10 Rob Hubbard & Mad Max
Zak Hacks 11 Jochen Hippel & Chris Huelsbeck
Zak Hacks 12 Chris Huelsbeck & Jess
Zak Hacks 13 Jess, Doclands & Rhino
Zak Hacks 14 Jess collection #1
Zak Hacks 15 Jess collection #2 & Iso
Zak Hacks 16 Scavenger & Cube
Zak Hacks 17 Lotus & Antichrist
Zak Hacks 18 Wally Beben, Ben Daglish & Tao (Sid)
Zak Hacks 19 Jas C Brooke, Mad Max and Various
Zak Hacks 20 Tao, Brimble, McLaser and Various
Zak Hacks 21 he Big W's - Whittaker, Wilson, Walker etc
Zak Hacks 22 The Big C's - Count Zero, Crawdaddy, Cooksey
Zak Hacks 23 Composer A/B - Antichrist, Big Alec, Brimble etc
Zak Hacks 24 Composers # - 4-Mat, 505, 7AN
Zak Hacks 25 Composers D - Daglish, Dalecki, Danko, Dark Angel, Davies, Demon X, Deneb, Donald Fakk
Zak Hacks 26 Composers D/E - Denman, D-Force, DMA-SC, Doclands, Dolby, Drax, Dr Beat, Dunn, Elof, Energizer, ENS, Epic, Evil
Zak Hacks 27 Composers: EIA, FFT, Janko Mrsic Flogel, Tim Follin, Aaron Fothergill, Frazer, Frequent, Full FX, Furax, Matt Furniss, Gary, Fred Gray, Christopher Guard, Hagar, Hard N Soft, Havoc, Alex Herbert, Steve Howie, Ashley Hogg& Rob Hubbard.
Zak Hacks 28 Huelsbeck,Iso, Jason, JB 007, Jedi, Jerowksi, Jet Power, JMP, Johnson, Jones, Jookie, Joseph, Jovis, Kanewood, Kelly, Ksouri, Lap, Lowe, Chilton, Connolly, Dalecki, Hagar.
Zak Hacks 29 Lees, Leitch, Loony, Loraine, Lord, Loriaux, Lotek Style, LTK, Luebke, Lundberg, Marcer.
Zak Hacks 30 Martin, No More, Neubauer, The Mind, MSG, Nemo
Zak Hacks 31

Max, Andi McGinty, Jon Medek, Mephisto, Miq, Modmate, Karsten Obarski, Outlander, Oz, Jason Page, Patrick Phelan, Jurgen Piscol, Powapixel, Donovan Prince, Nigel Prichard, Ralph Rudzki, Redzone, Rhino, Riff, Robert Demming, Dave Rogers, Paul Rowbotham, Sally, Skyline, Scy, Justin Scharvona, Chris Scudds, Andy Severn, Shaft, Paul Shields, Sonic.

Zak Hacks 32 Stax, Tangens, Taylor, Tebirod, Techno, Thomas, Tinman, Titan, Tonge, Toodeloo, Tyan & Ultimatum.
Zak Hacks 33 Tao, 505, Viking & Mate.
Zak Hacks 34 Scavenger, Dubmood, Damo, DMA-SC, Baggio, Bodenstanig 2000, Frazer, Nemo, Frequent, Techno, Timbral
Zak Hacks 35 Acid, Azidhouse, Barrett, Brooke, Crazy Q, Lotek, Tao, Scavenger, Frequent, Cooksey, Whittaker, Furniss, Stu & Gwem
Zak Hacks 36 505, Archimede, Cerror, Ben Daglish, Jeremy Das, Chris Denman, Doclands, Epic, Illusion, Jess, Kanewood, Paul Lorraine, Dave Lowe, MSG, Nemo, Nexus 6, Rude Kid, Schemantix, Chris Scudds, sh3, Spector, Starbuck, Stax, Tao, Martin Walker, Tony Williams & Yahoo.
Zak Hacks 37 Jochen (Mad Max) Hippel
Zak Hacks 38 Jochen (Mad Max) Hippel
Zak Hacks 39 Jochen (Mad Max) Hippel, 505, Big Alec, Tooseb, Floopy, Furniss, Loriaux, Schemantix, Techno, Wahoo, Walker & Davies.


Thanks to the following who have music rips included in my disqs.....

MC & Joker of Animal Mine, Antares of F.C.I., Andy The Arfling Of B.B.C., ex Automation, Wanderer and Jinx of Superior / Flame of Finland, Sewer Hedgehog of Sewer Software, Jacky of Alien Cracking Formation, Mug U.K., Mac Sys Data of Persistence Of Vision, Ozzwald of L.S.D / Automation, Mr Styckx, Was (Not Was) / Vapour / Hot-Knife of D-Bug / Automation, Xerud / Supernova of Sub Humans In Turkey / Pyrotechnics / Cynix, The Mighty Clog / Zippy / Absu / The Milky Bar Kid of Cynix / Medway Boys